Update on FA-ST: Promote Female Start-Ups in STEM

This is the 2nd Newsletter of project FA-ST (Fast prototyping and entrepreneurial skills to promote female founded start-ups in STEM). The project is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme mechanism KA205 - Strategic Partnerships for Youth (2019-2-CY02-KA205-001594).

Project Status
Naturally, he FA-ST project has been affected by the continuous lockdown measures which have been enforced in all project consortium countries.
Despite these adverse environmental conditions, FA-ST partners have managed to finalise the production of all Intellectual Outputs, as these have been originally envisaged, by heavily exploiting the existence of electronic communication and coordination tools and mechanisms. In particular, the following tasks have been accomplished:

FA-ST STEM Literacy (IO1):

A digital catalogue has been developed, reviewed, and finalised, which includes an inventory of tools, examples, exercises, reading or experiments that educators can use to plan and implement practical exercises and conduct STEM themed

FA-ST Entrepreneurial Program (IO2):

A blended learning program has been developed, reviewed, and finalised, which comprises of activities aimed at increasing transversal skills and entrepreneurial mind-set of young women, nurturing their capacity for self-determination and growth, managerial skills and other skills essential to those willing to start a business.

FA-ST Start-up Program (IO3):

A program and a corresponding web platform has been developed, reviewed, and finalised. focuses on guiding participants to shape a strong product vision. This vision will be refined and evaluated with the help of local experts and entrepreneurs.
FA-ST Educators Guide (IO4): A digital guide providing educators with comprehensive theoretical information and practical tools for the implementation of the FA-ST Program, has been developed, reviewed, and finalised. The piloting activities for these products are expected to take place during the second semester of 2021, given that the Covid-19 situation will allow their implementation in the consortium countries.

Finally, the project consortium has completed a wide range of project management, coordination, quality control, and dissemination activities. Real-time information about FA-ST activities is provided through the project’s web facilities (page 5 of this newsletter).


Full Version here: https://resources.fasterasmus.com/2nd_Newsletter.pdf



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The aim of the FA-ST project is to provide opportunities of empowerment and personal development to girls and young women affected by socioeconomic barriers (migrants background, weak family support, early school leavers), and inspire them to start a business in the STEM sector. Despite the setback of the Covid-19 crisis, the activities of the FA-ST project continue to be implemented as scheduled. All project Intellectual Outputs are currently in production, and project partners continue their cooperation seamlessly using online means of communication. Full information about the FA-ST project and its activities can be found in the following page: https://www.fasterasmus.com